Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 8 – Arolla to Evolene (rejoining the trail)


Distance: 14km

Altitude lost:-750m

After recovering from the last few days in the heat of the valley - a straightforward day that allowed me to rejoin the planned route following the challenges of the high passes – 2 of which were unpassable solo due to the snow.

The route took me from the heights of Arolla – staying in a lodge near the Arolla glacier – where we were treated to a stunning storm in night – down through the valley to Evolene.

Gentle paths all the way, tracing and retracing the river, saving energy levels for a challenging day tomorrow.


Weather has cooled down below 30c – making walking easier – even cool at night which makes sleeping easier at above 2100m – it doesn’t make much difference, but enough for a disturbed night!



Evolene is a fairly ruined, touristy village with multiple language menus, waiters in old fashioned Swiss dress and every nationality represented… Not my favourite place…

17th century barns approaching Evolene



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